History of butter

In the old days, Icelandic butter was made in a plunger churn. Butter was produced using milk both from cows and from ewes. The milk was placed in a trog (a wooden tray with high sloping sides) and left to stand, after which the skimmed milk was...


Smjör unsalted


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Smjör slightly salted


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Agriculture has played a key role in the lives of the Icelandic people, ever since the first settlers came to the island in 874 AD. Due to the lack of woods in Iceland building material was not as readily available as in the settler’s native Scandinavia. Alternative materials had to be used to erect housing that could withstand the island’s harsh weather conditions. Stones and turf became the most commonly used materials, and it wasn’t until the early 20th century that other building materials, such as wood and concrete became more common.

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